Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tooth loss may affect memory in elderly

Tooth loss may be associated with memory problems in elderly, a new study has found. Elderly who have fewer natural teeth remaining perform more poorly on memory tests, according to the study.

Researchers looked at 273 people ages 55 and older, and found a modest but significant relationship between a person's number of natural teeth and his or her performance on memory tests. 

The link held when researchers took subjects' ages into account. In other words, it wasn't simply that both teeth and memory abilities tend to disappear with age, 'LiveScience' reported.

While the reason for the link isn't entirely clear, the new findings are in line with previous animal and human studies, suggesting that the presence of natural teeth has an impact on cognitive function, and having fewer teeth may be regarded as a risk factor for memory problems in the elderly, researchers said. Studies have shown that rats whose teeth were pulled out showed memory and learning problems. The study will be published in European Journal of Oral Sciences.

Source: Times of India

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