Thursday, 26 December 2013

The A-Z Guide To Improving Your Own Learning

Sometimes, we go about our day in a haze of habits, whether we realize it or not. From the order in which we shower and get coffee in the morning to a before bed ‘ritual’, we tend to do many things more automatically than we realize. Sometimes a little reminder or a word of motivation can help us to take a step out off the train of automatic and bring something new, great, and exciting to the table.

That’s what I was thinking when I saw the handy infographic below. The 1-3 word letter associations are simple things. Some of them are specific activities that you can engage in – like ‘build a network’. Others are things you can try to commit to memory and think about throughout the day to change up the way you’re thinking, feeling, and working. 

Even for the more specific activities, if you attempt to take that idea into account throughout your day, you’ll likely end up doing something a little bit different to get you to your end goal. Let’s say you’re working on building a network and you’re invited out to drinks with colleagues after work. Maybe your normal answer is an automatic ‘no, thanks’. But when you think about the importance of building a network, you’re reminded that a little colleague socialization can be a good thing!

Improve Your Learning From A to Z

  • A – Be Accountable
  • B – Believe in yourself
  • C- Connect the dots
  • D- Deconstruct new skills
  • E- Engage with others
  • F- Focused practice
  • G- Get started
  • H- Hypothesize, test, and adjust
  • I- Use your Imagination
  • J- Find Joy in learning
  • K- Personal Knowledge Management
  • L- Listen more
  • M- Make space
  • N- Build a network
  • O- Observe
  • P- Find a passion
  • Q- Question assumptions
  • R- Rest
  • S- Use Spaced repetition
  • T- Tinker with things
  • U- Unlearn and relearn
  • V- Be Vulnerable
  • W- Be Willing to fail
  • X- eXercise regularly
  • Y- Yield
  • Z- Zigzag

Source: Edudemic

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