Thursday, 4 September 2014

Which are the best Medical Schools in the Caribbean to study Medicine?

Studying Medicine in the Caribbean is highlighted with attractions for the International medical students. The admission process and criteria are more favorable with reasonable tuition fees; English programs, tropical environment, and clinical rotation outside the Caribbean are some of the advantages of studying medicine in a medical school in the Caribbean.

Admission process and criteria  
In order to apply to a Caribbean Medical University or a Caribbean Medical School, the students should have completed the Schooling education, generally called as the A level or O Level Education. When compared to other Medical Universities in USA, Canada, etc, the application process and the admission criteria are comparatively simpler and reliable. 

Reasonable Tuition Fees
The tuition fees in the Caribbean medical schools are comparatively low as that of the medical schools or universities in the USA, Canada or any other Countries. Even if tuition fees for some Caribbean medical Universities approach, the costs of U.S. medical Universities (both public and private), the still remain less expensive. 

Clinical Training in USA
The medical schools or the Medical Universities in the Caribbean are affiliated and partnered with a number of other Universities globally so as to render different courses and programs. As a result of thesis, they will also be linked with the hospitals in the Caribbean region and outside in order to offer the clinical trainings after the courseware.

Studying in a Tropical Paradise
Instead of studying in a stuffy dorm room to escape the cold, you can always study on the beach in consistently warm weather. A good climate can dramatically benefit your studying habits. The option to study inside or outside may sound insignificant but can possibly help with your studying. The place you chose to study should be peaceful. It holds right for the Caribbean Medical Schools.

The main highlight of the placid nature is the location of the institution and surroundings which is really beautiful. Besides the exciting location of the Caribbean Medical Universities, it has even more advantages. The cost of education is cheap and affordable in the Caribbean Medical Schools when compared to other institutions in the US. This makes the Medical Schools in the Caribbean a very good option for the people who seek medical education abroad. 

High USMLE Pass Rates
The top list of Caribbean Medical Schools has the USMLE first-time pass rates that are at or above the. average. High USMLE pass rates indicate that the programs offered by Caribbean schools are top level and that the education and advancement is taken in the right way.

Some of the top Caribbean Medical Schools that offer different programs for the students who have completed the High Schooling Education (A level or O level) include the following:
  1. Texila American University, Guyana
  2. Ross Medical School
  3. St. George Medical School

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