Friday, 10 October 2014

List of Top Caribbean Medical Schools List as of 2014

When evaluating any medical school, you need to find the one that will best suit your needs so you can perform the best you can on the USMLE® Steps or COMLEX Levels exams.

Caribbean Medical Schools are one of the top discussions among the students who wish to pursue the premedical prior to becoming a physician. Getting admitted into a US Medical Schools is quite intricate due to the constraints of the GPA and MCAT scores.  Henceforth, the students would find it competitive to get admitted into the best medical schools or universities. 

Some say that U.S. applicants should consider post-bac programs or retaking the MCAT before applying to medical schools outside of the U.S. Although there are valid arguments for both sides, this article focuses on 3 reasons why premeds may want to consider medical schools in the Caribbean as an alternative.

Admission criteria are moderate in the Caribbean Medical schools when compared to other medical Universities abroad.

The best and the top ranked Caribbean Medical Schools as of 2014 are as follows:
•    Texila American University
•    All Saints University
•    Caribbean Medical University
•    Ross Medical University

Many medical schools in the Caribbean accept a much higher percentage of applicants than schools in the U.S.  For schools outside the Caribbean, acceptance rates vary considerably, as these typically taxpayer-funded schools tend to prefer their own nationals.

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